Aziz Ahmad CEO of UTC Associates, Inc. is Andrew Grove School of Engineering Wall of Honor Inductee

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – New York, NY, United States, 2010/10/25 – Aziz Ahmad, CEO of UTC Associates, Inc., was recently inducted to the Wall of Honor at the Andrew Grove School of Engineering, City College of the City University of New York.  The Grove School, endowed by Andrew Grove, the founder of Intel and also an alumnus of City College, is the only school of engineering at the City University of New York, the largest urban university in the United States. The recognition is bestowed on those making major financial and leadership contributions to the Grove School of Engineering

Speaking to the large crowd gathered on October 21, 2010, Dr. Lisa Staiano –Coico, President of City College, said, “The leadership of generous alumni such as Aziz Ahmad and others is invaluable, and absolutely essential to the opportunities given to the College’s diverse student body.”

Dean of Engineering, Dr. Joseph Barba, said, “We salute Aziz Ahmad for his leadership and his vision. Not only does he devote his time, but has the foresight to always bring his connections to business, community and government to City College. His financial contribution made it possible for the College to obtain even more support for the entrepreneurship initiatives on campus for which Mr. Ahmad was a catalyst. People like Mr. Ahmad make it possible for City College to continue to be the American Dream Machine.”

Joyce Moy, the Executive Director of the Asian American/Asian Research Institute at CUNY, which honored Aziz Ahmad as the recipient of the First CUNY Asian American Alumni Award in 2008, said, “Aziz Ahmad continues to exemplify the many high achieving CUNY alumni who give back to their communities in so many ways. His accomplishments make him a role model for our students. He is passionate and excited by the ideas and progress of the young students he has had an opportunity to meet, and is inspired to give back.”

Michael Jones-Bey, Executive Director of the New York State Minority Women Business Enterprise Development Office, speaking at the event said, “Aziz Ahmad is a highly respected member of the business community who has lent his talents to the betterment of society and the business community.”

Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Steward, New York State CIO, a trailblazer as the first Black and female CIO in New York State history, thanked Aziz Ahmad for inviting her to speak to young women engineers at CCNY earlier in the year and stated, “Aziz Ahmad understands the importance of technology and engineering to the future of this State and nation. I join him wholeheartedly in supporting education for the diverse students such as those at CCNY and in providing opportunities for all of our students from all walks of life.”