GRC Done Right

Integrating GRC capabilities does not mean creating large staff and department for GRC.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use only one comprehensive GRC technology system. It is about establishing an approach that ensures:

  • The right people get the appropriate and correct information at the right times.
  • The right objectives are established.
  • The right actions are taken to address uncertainty and risk.
  • The right processes and controls are implemented.

UTC Associates’ multidisciplinary teams can advise you on how best to meet the corporate governance, regulatory and compliance challenge. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of corporate governance developments both locally and internationally. We combine the process and system benchmarking knowledge and experience with organizational knowledge.

Enterprise Risk Management

Our experts will help you identify, assess, quantify, monitor, and manage your enterprise risk in an integrated manner.

Policy Lifecycle Management

We can help you adopt an electronic and automated approach to create, maintain, publish, and communicate policies and procedures across the enterprise.

Full End-to-End Implementation

We provide the entire team or augment your staff with experienced professionals to provide planning, requirements analysis, develop Requests for Proposals, integration development, testing, documentation and training.

Regulatory Change Management

UTC can provide a centralized framework to aggregate content from regulatory sources, tag key information, triage and route critical regulatory alerts to relevant stakeholders/SMEs, and determine the impact of regulatory updates on the organization.

Controls Management

We can help you establish lifecycle management of controls risk and compliance controls.

Business Continuity, Threat and Vulnerability Management

Our solutions offer comprehensive capabilities for BIA, BCP, Reporting, DR planning, and Risk Assessment as part of the BCM process.

Compliance Management:

Our solutions will provide management
of all compliance requirements faced by
your organization.

Ongoing Support

We can provide individual resources or a team to provide ongoing post implementation user support, update/enhancements and ongoing training.

GRC implementation is a mindset change and if implemented properly can align the processes and controls with key organizations goals. UTC Associates’ team of GRC experts can help your organization put all the pieces in place.

Contact us to talk with one of our GRC experts.